eBook: Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) Capabilities

Platform preferences vary, but there are certain capabilities that SAO solutions should embody. ThisĀ free eBook reviews the requirements for success.

Efficiently Manage Your Growing Volume of Security Alerts
Download this 15-page eBook to see how the Swimlane SAO solution meets and exceeds the criteria for effective Security Automation and Orchestration. You will learn about:
  1. Benefits of SAO
  2. Requirements of SAO
  3. Understanding SAO vs. SIEM
  4. Security Orchestration
  5. Workflow Automation
  6. API-first Architecture
  7. Importance of Usability
  8. Value of Swimlane
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Swimlane SAO Capabilities eBook
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Speed Time to Value
Built with an API-first multi-tenant architecture, Swimlane offers seamless integration for security automation and orchestration. It features out-of-the box integrations with major enterprise security tools and leverages vendor APIs and SDSec methods to rapidly respond and prevent attacks earlier in the kill chain.