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Adaptable Playbooks
Swimlane Turbine’s low-code playbooks
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Democratized Automation

Legacy security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) products have earned a reputation for being rigid and unapproachable for the average security professional. Turbine’s low-code approach makes the benefits of security automation within reach for smaller and mid-sized security teams. With Turbine’s Adaptable Playbooks security teams overcome the skills shortage by driving efficiencies that only come when domain experts are enabled to be citizen automators.

Explore Key Turbine Features

Codeless Conditions

Turbine provides customers with a human-readable user experience so that playbook-building is easy to adapt and maintain. It codifies business logic and best practices on the backend so that customers can build playbooks by simple drag-and-drop actions.

Human-readable Playbook Editor

Turbine’s intelligent playbook editor customers can use drag-and-drop logic to create effective playbooks without the need to first learn all their architectural intricacies or struggle through the ordering of data. It simplifies the playbook-building experience by using assets as predefined configurations to standardize and accelerate how they authenticate or send data to other systems.

Turbine Customer Benefits

See how you will benefit from Turbine's Adaptable Playbooks

Improve the ROI of security programs

  • A fortune 100 financial services company saves $900k/year by using Swimlane to automate use cases in and beyond the SOC.

  • MSSP's scale their service offerings without hiring more staff

Save Time and Resources

  • Quickly and easily build playbooks

  • Regain time to dedicate to new use cases

Streamline hard-to-repeat processes

  • Effectively scale business logic and response best-practices company-wide

Scale Automation Beyond the SOC

  • Enable domain experts to be automators

  • Automate unusual use cases like employee off-boarding, fraud, and domain squatting

"The ease of use and visual user experience of Swimlane Turbine’s playbooks lowers the barrier of entry for analysts to be successful automators. With Turbine, we’ve seen that tier one analysts can build playbooks two to three times faster than they can with other solutions. Using Turbine will enable us to spend more time on our customers instead of building or managing solutions.”
Zach Tielking, Chief Cyber Forensicator at Digital Investigative Group