Expert Focus: Automation Drives Changes in SOCs Post-Pandemic

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In today’s new normal, employees are working from home, extending the company perimeter and stretching the attack surface. Automating cybersecurity and the security operations center (SOC) are vital to keeping organizations and their cloud-based assets and operations protected.

“Automation helps security analysts get their jobs done. It doesn’t get distracted, it doesn’t lose focus and it reacts immediately to events and incoming information.” -Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and CEO, Swimlane

In this Expert Focus, leading cybersecurity professionals discuss why security automation brings tangible benefits to those who put it to work, especially during and post-pandemic. It shortens the incident response cycle; offers lightning-fast response to high-speed attacks; relieves security analysts of tedious, time-consuming make-work; and generally, helps make SOCs more productive and effective.

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