2019 SANS Automation and Integration Survey

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“I don’t think even large companies do well with understanding the requirements: people, process and technology. It is a trinity—you can’t have one and not have the other two. It is still common to see purchases of one or two—while leaving the third off the list of project completion, [such as] adding more technology but not more staff.” (Survey Respondent)

While “automation” was coined in the early 1940s referencing the automotive industry, it’s still a recent concept within cybersecurity. Misconceptions abound. And with the growing security staffing shortage and breaches reported daily, the term is thrown around in seemingly endless contexts. So, here are the facts to clear up the confusion.

“Automation balances machine-based analysis with human-based domain knowledge to help organizations achieve optimal workflows in the face of staff shortages and alert fatigue…”

SANS Institute, a leader in information security research and training, surveyed security operations center (SOC) professionals to better understand how automation is being used in the workplace today. Download the “SANS Automation and Integration Survey” to learn:

  • Common misconceptions surrounding security automation.
  • How SOCs and incident response teams use automation.
  • The types of tools being investigated to enable automation.
  • Which industries have the highest and lowest levels of automation.
  • The drivers and risks associated with security automation.
  • The roadmap to operationalizing automation.