How using SOAR tools makes life easier

An Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA) Research Report Summary

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“Any organization that hasn’t automated is putting itself at a serious disadvantage. As business needs force digital transformation onto IT and security, the teams not already underway are falling behind and will be seriously limited.” (EMA automation summary report)

In this study, EMA analyst David Monahan reveals how SOAR investments can deliver impressive gains in security operations efficiency, productivity and execution accuracy within a relatively short time-frame—11 months or less on average.

How can your organization leverage an investment in SOAR technology to achieve better security and business outcomes? Download the report to find out. You’ll learn how:

  • SOAR could improve your efficiency and productivity across your security technology infrastructure.
  • SOAR can help your organization achieve more with less while empowering individual personnel to level-up their performance.
  • SOAR use cases and integrations can suit your security or IT workflows.

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