How to automate the employee off-boarding IT process with SOAR (35:44)

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Employee off-boarding has become increasingly complex with the growing number of technology tools required for employees to do their jobs adequately. Revoking access to these third-party—typically cloud-based—services in a timely manner is critical. When an employee off-boarding process is not completed as soon as the individual leaves, the organization can be exposed to legal, security and reputational risks. A security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform can help by automating this process.

Watch Swimlane’s Jay Spann and Josh Rickard in an on-demand, in-depth webinar on how to automate the employee off-boarding process with SOAR. In this use case, they demonstrate how a SOAR platform can enable an organization to automatically gather historical data, add a user to a monitoring watch list, and finally remove access when an employee departs.