Automating Endpoint Alerts with Swimlane, Carbon Black & VMRay (45:16)

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Large organizations have hundreds–even thousands–of endpoints generating alarms for potential threats daily. Research teams who have to investigate these alarms manually are inefficient and ineffective. They don’t have the time or resources needed to identify false positives and remediate true threats simultaneously.

Automating endpoint detection and response (EDR) increases security operation teams’ efficacy, empowering them to respond to alerts at machine speeds. Integrating Swimlane, Carbon Black Defense and VMRay enables organizations to automate the EDR process from start to finish more efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar, Swimlane’s Jay Spann, VMRay’s Rohan Viegas and Carbon Black’s Chris Berninger demonstrate a detailed use case on automating endpoint alerts. Complete the form to watch it now.