How to Detect and Eliminate Cloud Attacks with Swimlane and Vectra (53:28)

It’s amazing how much the world has changed over the last 5 months. A world that was already full of malicious activity is now seeing the growth of this activity at an exponential rate. As the scale and sophistication of threats continue to increase, businesses need greater visibility into threats both internal and external. Complete visibility across cloud, on-prem, data center, and enterprise infrastructure is absolutely key for finding and stopping attacks before they turn into breaches. Security infrastructures must be built on automated and actionable intelligence to reduce the security operations center (SOC) workload and decrease the time an attacker is allowed to be active in an organization’s environment.

Swimlane and Vectra teamed up to solve these challenges; real-time data, the ability to respond at machine speed, and a reduction in false-positive alerts by looking at attacker behaviors as opposed to anomalies. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Vectra and Swimlane to learn how this joint integration provides automated and actionable intelligence that reduces the security team’s workload and the time attackers are active inside the network.


Jay Spann
Senior SOAR Evangelist, Swimlane

Marcus Hartwig
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vectra

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