Efficient Alert Processing and Response – A SANS Review of Swimlane (1:01:26)

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Organizations face a variety of challenges as they work to secure their systems from the ever-growing number of malicious attacks. Of those, one of the most critical is the combination of a workforce shortage and the increasing number of critical alerts that security teams receive. Reviewing and remediating those alerts are time-intensive tasks that are draining analysts time.

Swimlane offers a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform useful for organizations looking to increase efficiency of their alert processing and response actions.

Watch this webcast for a third-party view at how Swimlane’s SOAR platform performs with respect to:

  • Ease of use, including contextualized alerts, playbooks of responses and robust reporting
  • Case management, including customizability, access control and case permissions
  • Integrations, including out-of-the box integration capabilities, customer support and integrated remediation actions