Navigating the Phishing “Golden Hour” with Mimecast and Swimlane

While cybercriminals use a wide variety of threat vectors to infiltrate organizations, few are as well known as phishing. Despite great awareness around this type of attack, it remains the #1 cause of breaches. With so many tools and techniques designed to prevent phishing, why does it remain such an intractable problem – and what else can you do to improve your company’s response to this challenge?

Join experts from Swimlane and Mimecast together for a session demonstrating the power of our joint integration, and exploring questions like:

  • What can we learn from studying MTTR across phishing attacks?
  • Can the right tools actually make a dent in the problem?
  • Which other tactics and techniques can be used to prevent phishing?
  • How are the world’s most security-forward organization leveraging low-code automation to improve detection and prevention
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