Staying on top of phishing emails with threat intelligence and SOAR (50:01)

Gone are the days when phishing was a single act targeting a specific individual. Today, malicious emails have grown into a vehicle for targeted attacks against entire organizations. Many SecOps teams do not have the bandwidth, time-tested processes or the data to properly investigate suspicious emails and determine if attachments or links are malicious.

For companies with a SIEM, this problem is more profound. If they don’t have intelligence beyond their own data, they have no way of using their SIEM investment to look for other indicators of compromise.

Register to listen to this on-demand webinar, where Symantec and Swimlane cybersecurity experts will discuss how the integration of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) and threat intelligence can be used to thwart attacks.

You will learn:

  • Details about the growing threats posed by phishing and malicious emails
  • Threat investigation challenges for the SIEM environment
  • How threat intelligence speeds identification and management of email threats
  • What SOAR can do for resource-strapped SecOps teams
  • How the Symantec DeepSight and Swimlane integration can help defend against advanced attacks