SOAR to New Security Efficiency with Swimlane & Recorded Future (41:38)

Swimlane’s SOAR platform integrates with Recorded Future to enhance data, orchestrate security tools, and automate the incident response process. These are accomplished through integrations between Recorded Future and Swimlane that pull additional intelligence around your indicators right into Swimlane’s SOAR platform, as well as curating organization-specific intelligence from cases and alerts.

This collaboration delivers better threat response capabilities with significantly faster resolution and improved intelligence gathering without adding overhead. The integration delivers scalable and flexible security solutions to organizations struggling with alert fatigue, vendor proliferation, and staffing shortages to improve the efficiency of threat detection in the enterprise.

In this this joint on-demand webinar with Recorded Future & Swimlane, we will show how to give security professionals the context and data they need to make faster, more confident decisions.

Use Cases Covered:

  1. COVID-19 related phishing lures
  2. Provide dark web context around IOCs used in malware campaigns
  3. Increase security awareness of the risk associated with third-party vendors critical to your business


  • Nick Tausek, Security Research Engineer, Swimlane
  • Wendy Swank, Sr Partner Architect, Recorded Future

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