Ingalls & Swimlane: How SOAR delivers value for your security operations center (45:53)

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Cybersecurity service providers are always seeking ways to enhance the level of security they provide to their customers. Costs are high, and competition is intense. Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) offers service providers a number of ways to deliver better security while conserving human resources and subsequently lowering operating costs.

SOAR makes it possible to handle more alerts and adapt workflows quickly to defend against evolving threats—delivering better security to more customers with fewer staff resources.

In this webinar, Evans Foster, senior cybersecurity engineer at Ingalls Information Security, and Jay Spann, SOAR evangelist at Swimlane, discuss Ingalls’ adoption of Swimlane and how they have utilized the SOAR platform for a 95% reduction in manual investigations. They covered:

  • Real-world examples of how Swimlane automates alert investigation and remediation.
  • How to build out a security operations center (SOC) with Swimlane.
  • The value realized from implementing Swimlane’s SOAR platform.