Forrester SAO Report

Forrester | Breakout Vendors: Security Automation and Orchestration Report (April 2017)

In this report, Forrester examines five breakout vendors that you should consider as you move forward with your security automation and orchestration (SAO) strategy.

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Security Automation and Orchestration Webinar

“Security Automation and Orchestration” Webinar (47 minutes)

Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Senior Analyst, and Cody Cornell, Founder and CEO of Swimlane, for an informative webinar to learn how enterprises are achieving operational efficiency with security automation and orchestration.  This webinar recording covers:

  • Improving operations by automating tedious manual tasks
  • Decreasing response time with automation
  • Defining metrics to demonstrate improvement

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Swimlane Automating Incident Response eBook

Swimlane Automating Incident Response eBook (.pdf)

The sheer volume of potential threats often present teams with the false dilemma of trying to choose which alerts to deal with… often relying on the somewhat arbitrary threat classifications presented by a disparate set of siloed tools to do so. This eBook shows how your team can streamline alert monitoring and speed up the incident response process with automation.

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Swimlane Product Overview Video

Swimlane Product Overview Video (3 minutes)

This video will walk you through a quick introduction to Automated Security Operations including  Automated Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, and Security Orchestration using the Swimlane platform.

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Cisco Threat Grid Webinar

“Stop Phishing Attacks with Automated Incident Response” Cisco Webinar (58 minutes)

Detecting and responding quickly to cyber-attacks is critical to business operations. Swimlane and Cisco have partnered to deliver an integrated approach to automating the investigation and response activities needed to take action on threats. Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can automate:

  • Investigation of potential phishing emails, including embedded URLs and attachments
  • Correlation and searching of data across multiple security tools
  • Incident triage and blocking at the endpoint

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Security Operations Automation Webinar

“Security Operations Automation” Webinar (39 minutes)

During this webinar, Dave Pack, Swimlane VP Operations, demonstrates three Use Cases that leverage security orchestration to execute custom security operations “play book” workflows — automatically. In his demonstration, Dave shows how an orchestration engine assists an analyst through the workflow or executes the entire workflow without any analyst intervention.

  1. Automated Hunting using Malware Detonation
  2. Triage and Respond to Phishing eMails without Security Analysts
  3. Automating DNS Protection of Unknown URLs

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Webinar Automating Security Operations

“Automating Security Operations” Webinar (27 minutes)

During this webinar, Cody provides an introduction to the drivers for security operations automation and then he demonstrates how to automate three common use cases using Swimlane.

  1. Simplify Alarm Triage
  2. Orchestrate Malware Investigations
  3. Automate Hunting with Open Source Threat Intel

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Swimlane Webinar Introducing Swimlane

“Introducing Swimlane” Webinar (15 minutes)

During this webinar, Cody summarizes the state of cyber security operations today;  introduces you to the Swimlane Automated Security Operations platform; and walks you through an example of how your current processes can be automated.

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Gartner Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense

Gartner: Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense Report

Organizations from every vertical industry are being increasingly targeted by cyber attackers, with successful breaches having a greater cost and impact than ever before. In response to the growing costs tied to advanced threats, experts are advocating for a multilayered approach to cyber security. Gartner recommends deploying a model that uses a combination of defense technologies monitoring three levels: network, payload and endpoint.

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Swimlane Product Overview eBook

Swimlane Product Overview eBook (pdf)

This eBook uses the script and graphics from the Product Overview Video intermingled with supporting content and images from our Blog. Its a great way to learn about Swimlane and Automated Security Operations without the need for speakers or headphones.

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Swimlane Datasheet

Swimlane Product Datasheet (.pdf)

Swimlane empowers organizations to optimize existing resources and build a faster and more effective security operation. By automating time-intensive security procedures and workflows, Swimlane frees staff to focus on critical tasks to detect, respond, and mitigate threats faster while reducing operating costs.

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