The AI-Enhanced Automation Platform

Swimlane Turbine is the triple threat of automation, generative artificial intelligence, and low-code that you need to solve the most challenging problems across your entire security organization.

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Swimlane Turbine Redefines SecOps

A new era of security operations is here. Swimlane Turbine is the world’s fastest and most scalable security automation platform. Only Turbine can execute 25 million actions per day for a single customer, 10 times faster than any other platform, provider or technology. Turbine is built with the future of SecOps in mind: The only security automation platform that can adapt to your evolving environment and exceed the pace of change that modern security operations center (SOC) teams know too well. Swimlane Marketplace, the first full-stack modular marketplace for security automation, makes it faster than ever to realize automation’s ROI. Several unique technologies make Turbine unbeatable. 


Low-Code Canvas

  • Modular and reusable components make automating fast and simple
  • Unprecedented visibility provides a human-centric approach, redefining SecOps
  • Low-code studio democratizes automation across the security organization

Hero AI

  • Go beyond ChatBots with Crafted AI Prompts and Case Summarization
  • Your one-stop scripting assistant generates complex Python in seconds
  • Swimlane-hosted large language model (LLM) ensures that your data is always private and secure

Autonomous Integrations

  • Infinite integrations with any REST API
  • Ecosystem-agnostic integration network
  • Integrations that apply business logic to playbook execution

Business Intelligence Applications

  • Visibility into processes within SecOps, fraud, OT, cloud, compliance, audit, and more
  • Best-in-class case management application
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards for any user or stakeholder

Active Sensing Fabric

  • Extensive throughput and processing power
  • Ingest millions of alerts per day
  • Custom business logic enrichment layer

Unleash Your SecOps Triple Threat

Swimlane Turbine makes SecOps, SOC automation, and traditional SOAR use cases easier and faster than ever before. Watch this video to learn about the outcomes that stem from Turbine’s ability to combine the power

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Why Swimlane Turbine

Security Automation Marketplace, Reimagined

Introducing the cybersecurity industry’s first full-stack modular security automation marketplace with infinite integrations and dynamically expanding content.

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The ROI of Security Automation 

An independent return on investment (ROI) study conducted by TAG Cyber revealed 240% ROI for the Swimlane Turbine security automation platform. Read the ROI report to unpack the analysis, or use this calculator to estimate your organization’s ROI with Swimlane.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Major security-forward organizations including Lumen, Sagicor and Toshiba are advancing the operations of their security organization with Swimlane.

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Trusted Globally by Fortune 100 Companies

I would recommend Swimlane to my peers, to all security operations departments and even to the C-level. It gives you a very robust look into the environment and gives your analysts the abilities to work efficiently within a single platform.

Jonathan Kennedy
The DIG Transforms Phishing Defense with Low-Code Security Automation

The ease of use and visual user experience of Swimlane Turbine’s playbooks lowers the barrier of entry for analysts to be successful automators. With Turbine, we’ve seen that tier one analysts can build playbooks two to three times faster than they can with other solutions. Using Turbine will enable us to spend more time on our customers instead of building or managing solutions.

Zach Tiekling
Chief Cyber Forensicator

With Swimlane, we didn’t have to try and fit our outcome into a preconceived box that had already been developed. Swimlane allowed us to build something that worked for us and how we operate.

Matt Helling
Head of Cybersecurity 

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