Swimlane consolidates security alerts from multiple sources and automatically assists organizations with the activities required to resolve alerts and stop attacks. The resolution of the alert can occur either automatically or manually by analyst intervention. Either way, the alert is resolved utilizing expert-defined processes, enabling the organization to cost-effectively close alerts.

Security Automation and Orchestration

Consolidate and manage all of your security alerts in one place. Different than most solutions specialize in identifying security events, Swimlane is a purpose-built security automation and orchestration platform that assists you with prioritizing cases, gathering evidence, and automatically resolving your security alerts. Swimlane follows your processes, not the processes provided by a vendor — improving speed and efficiency, ensuring threat response best practices, and enabling all members of your team to contribute like experts. Swimlane leverages vendor APIs and software-defined security (SDSec) methods to rapidly respond and prevent attacks earlier in the kill chain.

How it works:

  1. Events, incidents, alerts, cases and other tasks are consolidated from other security solutions into Swimlane.
  2. Swimlane automatically gathers evidence to help the analyst with situational awareness.
  3. Swimlane analyzes events, makes decisions, recommends a course of action, sends notifications, and executes the remediation, automatically. No longer are analysts required to run queries in multiple tools, search threat intelligence repositories, lookup data in various locations or report on their activities manually.
  4. Remediation may also be executed manually — guided by the workflow, based on your standardize process.

Conclusion: Swimlane provides security operations teams the ability to ingest large quantities of security tasks from multiple sources, perform the time consuming task of gathering evidence and automatically take the actions required to resolve the alerts.