8 Real World Use Cases for Security Automation and Orchestration

Less than 1% of critical security alarms are ever investigated. SAO enables your security team to improve efficiency by automating 80-90% of their tasks. 

Automate Your Security Response Workflows
Download this 11-page eBook to see how Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) improves your team’s productivity and efficiency by automating security operations workflows, including:
  1. Phishing Attacks
  2. SIEM Triage
  3. Threat Hunting
  4. Insider Threat Detection
  5. Threat Intelligence
  6. Identify Verification/Enforcement
  7. Endpoint Protection
  8. Forensic Investigation
Download SAO Use Cases eBook
Swimlane seemlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure to automate time-consuming, manual processes. It delivers centralized security alerts and real-time security orchestration to respond to alarms automatically—at machine speeds. This creates a more efficient and comprehensive security program that ensures you never miss another critical security alert.