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Meet the Next-Generation of Security Automation

The Swimlane Turbine low-code security automation solution removes the dependency on developers to build integrations and automation. It will help you overcome skills shortages and reduce silos by enabling domain experts to become automation builders.


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How Swimlane Helps Security Teams

Staffing shortage 2x

The Security Staffing Shortage

Enterprises increased staff capacity by 50%.

Unified tech 2x

Complex, Disjointed Tech Stacks

Global organizations reach 70% automation levels.

Growing threats 2x

The Growing Threat Landscape

Agencies decreased response times by 90%.

Business value 2x

Showing Business Value

A Fortune 100 company saved over $160,000 a month in labor costs.

Incident response 2x

Incident Response

Automate incident response playbooks to reduce response times.

Threat intelligence 2x

Threat Intelligence

Reduce MTTR by automating repetitive, manual tasks.

Siem alert triage 2x

SIEM Alert Triage

Customize workflows to adapt to your established processes.

Phishing 2x


Set up full phishing triage automation in less than 1 day.

#1 Trusted Low-Code Security Automation Platform

Major security-forward organizations including Lumen, Sagicor and Toshiba are advancing the operations of their security organization with Swimlane.

How Swimlane Makes it Work

Big Data Ingestion

Reduce dwell time with Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric by ingesting larger and broader data sets.

Integrate Anything

Connect siloed technologies by integrating any API with Turbine’s Autonomous Integrations.

Approachable Automation

Build effective playbooks 50% faster with Turbine’s Adaptable Low-Code Playbooks.

Actionable Intelligence

Assess KPI’s, ROI and risk posture improvements by using Turbine as your System of Record.