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Security Automation for Critical Infrastructure

The stakes are high for energy and utility organizations to defend against cyber-physical threats. Swimlane automates security across your OT and IT environments to prevent breaches.

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saved per IOC Investigation



Swimlane partners with 1898 & Co. and other leaders for added benefits.

of incident response processes automated



Save hours of work by automating manual tasks.

average monthly savings




Increase ROI across security operations with low-code security automation.

Protect Critical Assets & People Against Threats in Real-Time

Ingest telemetry and take action faster during crucial events. Integrate Swimlane Turbine with any OT or IT security tool for automated vulnerability management, malware analysis and physical threat response.

Increase Efficiencies Across IT, OT and More

Dynamic case management and reporting enable communication across siloed departments for faster, more accurate response.

Navigate Industry Regulations with Ease

Swimlane leverages a Common Controls Framework to organize compliance efforts to meet CISA guidelines. Reach out to your Swimlane representative to learn more about how Swimlane audits itself using the CPG checklist.

Ensure NERC-CIP Compliance

Leverage Swimlane to maintain continuity, stability and overall health of your systems. Swimlane’s low-code security automation capabilities provide coverage of security-based controls for various compliance mandates and can even provide additional lift via automation.

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The Swimlane and Dragos integration allows industrial organizations to speed detection and recovery from cyber threats. The integration pairs the Dragos Platform’s ability to identify and guide remediation for threat behaviors in OT with Swimlane’s automation across IT and OT environments. With accelerated mean time to recovery, responders can be more efficient and ultimately strengthen their security posture.

Matt Cowell
Global VP of Business Development

By partnering with Swimlane, we are empowering customers with an IT/OT converged and more automated approach to accelerating their response to incidents against their critical infrastructure.

Chet Namboodri
Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances
Nozomi Networks

Critical infrastructure organizations face increasing threats across their IT and OT environments, making it difficult for even the most skilled analysts to detect and respond to threats in a timely manner.

Matt Morris
Global Managing Director of Security & Risk Consulting

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