Swimlane automates security operations for enterprise teams

Organizations have been investing heavily in attack identification, threat intelligence and the staff required to triage, investigate and resolve security alerts. However, the traditional, manual processes leave security teams struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of work. Managers struggle to justify additional staff, and they lack visibility into their team’s current activities, metrics and performance. Alerts are not only going unresolved, they often go unseen.

Swimlane is a security operations management platform that centralizes an organization’s security alerts, automates resolution, and dynamically produces metrics-based dashboards and reports. Using software-defined security (SDSec) methods and security orchestration, Swimlane automatically responds to alerts, automates the implementation of security controls, and protects the organization from future attacks—all at machine speeds.

Empowering organizations with streamlined security operations

Swimlane, founded by Cody Cornell and Brian Kafenbaum, is dedicated to empowering enterprises and government agencies to streamline and automate their security operations and incident response. As consultants to some of the world’s largest companies and government organizations, the team recognized the limitations of existing security operations management tools and the need for a purpose-built solution.

Focused on the needs of their current clients, the Swimlane platform was designed to help organizations automate their security operations, while allowing them to continue to leverage their own internal processes. These manual processes were traditionally modeled in process flow diagrams and stored in physical binders, ticketing systems or spreadsheets. Now with Swimlane, a security team can quickly resolve security alerts, capture key performance metrics, generate insightful real-time dashboards and rapidly deploy proactive security protections — automatically with orchestration.

Management Team

Cody Cornell

Co-Founder and CEO

A respected authority on cyber security, Cody is responsible for the strategic direction of Swimlane and the development of its security operations management platform. His passion for open exchange of security information and deep vendor integration drives him to pursue opportunities to maximize the value his customers receive from their investments in security operations. Collaborating with industry leading technology vendors, Cody works to identify opportunities to streamline and automate security activities that speed cyber response and enable security orchestration.

In 2011, Cody co-founded Phoenix Data Security Inc., a focused cyber security professional services organization known for their ability to blend strategy and engineering with an organization’s business requirements. After beginning his career in the U.S. Coast Guard, Cody spent 15 years in IT and security, including roles with the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), American Express and IBM Global Business Services.

Cody is a frequent presenter on information security at forums such as the Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, the DHS Security Subcommittee on Privacy and National Public Radio (NPR).

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Brian Kafenbaum

Co-Founder and Advisor

Brian is highly regarded for his operational expertise and attention to detail, Brian is passionate about enabling organizations to achieve business goals through the use of technology. Driven to perfect the customer experience, he is focused on automating security operations to allow teams to accomplish more, with fewer people and higher precision.

In 2011, Brian co-founded Phoenix Data Security Inc., and continues to be a trusted information security advisor with over 18 years of industry experience with both Fortune 500 companies and U.S. Federal Government agencies. He has supported global cyber security programs with Lucent Technologies, Ameriprise and U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

The strategies and best practices that Brian developed from years of consulting with clients on regulatory compliance, privacy and cyber security have helped shape Swimlane’s unique approach to simplifying security operations and incident response.

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