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Automate EDR Alert Triage

Large organizations have hundreds or even thousands of endpoints generating alerts from endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. Manually researching these alerts and executing endpoint actions can be too slow to be effective.

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of alerts are missed during manual investigations




Scaling manual processes and maintaining custom scripting can leave organizations vulnerable to attacks.

of EDR alerts triage can be automated



Automating EDR alerts allows security teams to triage more effectively and respond to critical events faster.

response and remediation actions



Help prevent incidents from escalating into full-fledged security breaches.

Improve Remediation Efficiency for Faster Mean Time to Respond

Automating endpoint detection and response (EDR) increases security operation team efficiency, empowering them to respond to EDR alerts at machine speed. Autonomous integrations with any EDR tool combined with adaptable low-code playbooks streamline the processing and analysis of EDR alerts.

Stop Breaches Earlier in the Attack Killchain

Contextualized alerts help analysts identify other affected endpoints. With Swimlane Turbine automation, all endpoint security-related alerts can be addressed in a manner not possible by humans alone. Action can be taken in real-time, helping prevent incidents from escalating into full-fledged security breaches.

Improve Consistency of Incident Response Processes

Automating EDR alert triage with Swimlane’s robust case management and reporting capabilities reduces manual and repetitive tasks, all while preserving internal processes. Swimlane Turbine offers customers the flexibility to adapt to your existing workflows, not forcing you into a box.

Analysts can spend 100% of their time actually responding to the incident as opposed to just gathering more information. And we have seen a dramatic decrease in our mean time to respond to incidents since we’ve had all these automations in place.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer

We’re seeing a significant uptick in the number of events we can triage in a timely manner, and declassify or raise the priority using some SIEM triage playbooking as well as some EDR playbooking.

Brandon Potter
Chief Technology Officer

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