Customer Success

Our mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations team and to ensure your successful implementation.

Proven Methodology for Ensuring Customer Success

Swimlane has an extensive and dedicated in-house customer success team to see you through the complete lifecycle of your automation engagement.

Automation Assessment Services

Insight-driven recommendations assist in identifying high-value use cases for your business

Proof-of-Value Process

Time-proven testing processes and methodologies to quickly demonstrate Swimlane’s value within your environment

Swimlane SOC Solution Bundle

Automate your essential SecOps processes with complete end-to-end solutions in two weeks or less

ROI Calculator

Automatically quantify Swimlane’s impact on your business operations, efficiency, and time to respond

Training & Certification

Self-paced education programs help you maximize your automation skills and expertise

Intense Customer Success

All of Swimlane’s expertise at your fingertips, Customer Success, Pro Serv, Tech Support, Training, & more


Dedicated Customer Success Managers

The Swimlane experience begins with an assigned, dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM is your partner – helping to identify your specific needs including goals, use cases and metrics to measure your success. This strong partnership forms the foundation for building, testing, and deploying Swimlane successfully.


Training and Certification: Ramping Up Your Teams

Your Customer Success Manager will help guide every step of the way and help facilitate smooth interaction with the other Customer Experience teams at Swimlane. Your CSM is involved as you work with Professional Services for deployment, Training and Certifications for ongoing education and Technical Support through any challenges.


Continual Growth as Your Business Grows

Swimlane CSMs help customers throughout their entire relationship with Swimlane with monthly check-ins and quarterly business success reviews. Your CSM will help your team continue to drive the value of your Swimlane investment by exploring new use cases and integrations within your team and across your organization.

Ready to Dive In with Swimlane?

Whether you are new to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) or just getting started, contact us to learn why the Swimlane customer experience is second to none.

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