Professional Services

Our team of experts will partner with you to design a program of tailored professional service solutions that wil ensure your success.

Get the most out of your Swimlane investment

From deployment to configuring integrations, implementing complex use cases, and optimizing use of features like playbooks, case management and reporting, Swimlane has your back.

Our professional services team offers outcome-oriented automation solutions that have three main goals for you:

  • Deploy in days, not weeks
  • Improve your team’s efficiency
  • Overcome technical roadblocks and hurdles with ease

Customized Support for Your People, Processes and Technology

Swimlane’s tailored professional service solutions are customized to fit your needs and your environment.

Access Expertise and Insights

Gain actionable knowledge from Swimlane automation experts, peer comparisons and best practice sharing.

Maximize Return on Investment

Speed your time to first value from initial deployment through expanded used cases.


Be up and running in two weeks or less

Swimlane SOC Solution Bundle covers the basics of a solid SOC automation foundation. These end-to-end solutions are designed to get you up and running with the Swimlane platform and automate your essential SecOps processes in 2 weeks or less.


Your Designated Technical Resources

Technical Account Managers (TAM)’s know your team and your environment. Choosing to work with a TAM augments your internal technical resources by adding a designated Swimlane automation specialist to your team. It provides focused scoping of projects and access to ongoing professional services in order to speed your time to value and maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Need technical assistance?

In addition to expert professional services, Swimlane offers world-class customer support and access to a full-featured, centralized portal that allows you to submit questions, feature requests or bugs in one place. Whenever necessary, our team of skilled support engineers will work with you to find the best solution to any support issues you may have.

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The thing that sets Swimlane apart from any other security organization or partner I’ve worked with is the professional service team. They’re so dynamic and so fluid. We have solved some extremely interesting and complex problems with Swimlane. I just keep looking forward to our sessions together.

Rob Perrin
Senior DevSecOps Engineer

Ready to Dive In with Swimlane?

Whether you are new to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) or just getting started, contact us to learn why the Swimlane customer experience is second to none.

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