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Cybersecurity Automation for Federal Agencies

By the end of 2024, all U.S. Federal agencies are required to implement a SOAR solution. Ensure compliance and improve cybersecurity operations with Swimlane Turbine.

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improvement in incident response times



Improve SecOps efficiencies to respond to growing threats faster.

design for rigid agency zero trust policies


Zero Trust

Swimlane Turbine serves as a system of record for security.

increase in staff capacity



Empower analysts to respond to bigger, more complex threats.

Leverage Zero Trust Principles to Ensure Compliance

Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform leverages alert data, enriched contextual information, historical visibility and codified best practices to serve as a system of record for security – no matter what stage your agency is at in the process of zero trust implementation or the regulatory requirements you must comply with.

Gain Cloud-Scale Data Processing and Resilience

For many public sector agencies, automation is the only viable option for managing the massive amounts of security telemetry and intelligence received every hour. We built Swimlane’s automation engine with these enterprise challenges in mind. Our Turbine platform can scale to satisfy data processing and resiliency expectations, particularly for mission critical applications.

Improve SecOps Efficiency with Faster Deployment

The volume and sophistication of threats targeting U.S. federal agencies is growing rapidly. One U.S. Government agency currently relies on Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform to counter active attacks and prevent future threats. They experienced a fast and low-maintenance deployment which enabled them to completely revamp their incident response process.

Centralize Operations Data for Actionable Insights

Integrate disparate security technologies into a single automation pipeline to gain visibility. Robust case management with customizable dashboards and reporting enable fast, precise decision making for public sector cybersecurity teams.

We used to spend hours manually digging into multiple systems and looking through approved software lists… Now authorized software is usually a 15-20 minute incident. It’s all been automated.

US Government Agency

I liked that with Swimlane we didn’t need to devote a lot of resources to deploy or maintain new point solutions, integrations, or use cases. It’s incredible how agile the system is and how little we have to invest in getting it up and running.

US Government Agency

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