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Take Action at the Point of Inception

Swimlane Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric transcends traditional SOAR technology by ingesting, enriching and correlating data from broader integration sets at cloud-scale. It takes action the instant threats occur – not after detection, aggregation and manual alert triage.

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How the Active Sensing Fabric Works

Active Sensing Fabric

  • Extensive throughput and processing power
  • Distributed big data ingestion
  • Custom business logic enrichment layer

Expands Visibility and Actionability

Process telemetry and take action at the edges of modern infrastructure where traditional SOAR tools can’t reach in order to effectively keep pace with threats. 

Improve Security Metrics

Speed MTTR and reduce dwell time by taking action on high-fidelity alerts without waiting on the SIEM’s lengthy detection and aggregation process.

Prevent Analyst Burnout

Automate any security or business process to reduce alert fatigue and free analysts from mundane and manual tasks. This helps to retain analysts and their institutional knowledge.

Unify Complex Environments

Save time managing complex infrastructure by connecting distributed organizations, siloed business units or segmented environments.

Distributed Big Data Ingestion

Modern infrastructure must account for various data streams with webhooks, poll requests, pub/sub, file creation, SMS messages, email messages, and IoT. Turbine listens across the entire security ecosystem, taking immediate action directly at the source.


Webhook Listener

Easily manage products and vendor services that use webhooks to push real-time communication into Turbine with webhook listeners. These work with any technology that supports webhooks and can be plugged directly into playbooks.

Dynamic Remote Agents

Enable intelligent collection of hard-to-reach telemetry with remote agents. These restless dynamic sensors are architected in a  highly secure fashion so that customers can connect Turbine to their internal systems without configuring complicated networks or multiple VPNs.

Custom Business Logic Enrichment Layer

Every organization has unique business logic and processes. Turbine uses custom filtering, pre-processing, deduplication and inline enrichment to harness this logic while it executes thousands of concurrent automations.


Data Filtering

Robust enrichment and contextualization features eliminate noise in the customer environment and mitigate analyst burnout. This helps reduce data overload so that analysts can respond faster.

Inline Enrichment

Roll any detection engine or service into Turbine as supplements to business logic. This ensures that your automation logic can accommodate any internal process or standard.

Alert Correlation

Evaluate and correlate similar events by grouping alerts into one high-level incident in order to streamline the automation of responses, actions and escalations.


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Swimlane Turbine’s Active Sensing Fabric and webhooks are going to be a game-changer for us. We live in a world of data and APIs, so the new Turbine capabilities mean our services won’t have a disruption when security products update their API or detection logic. Turbine will be at the backbone of helping us deliver more efficient and effective XDR managed services for our customers.

Chad Hayden
Chief Strategy Officer at Pareto Cyber

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