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Security Automation for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Banking, financial services and insurance institutions are among the most targeted by cybersecurity attacks. Respond to threats faster and ensure compliance with Swimlane Turbine.

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Hours saved per year


Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to empower your analysts and save time.

reduction in alert volume



Swimlane automatically triages low-level alerts to reduce fatigue.

Average deployment time




Easily highlight the business value of security.

Increase Security Team Actionability by 20x

Automate repetitive, manual tasks to free up analyst time for more strategic work. Swimlane takes action closer to the point of threat inception to stop attacks faster.

Integrate Disparate Security Technologies into a Single Automation Pipeline

Swimlane lets you integrate with any technology to gain visibility into any security environment. Adaptable low-code playbooks make integrating security tools and building automations even easier.

Centralize Operations Data to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Swimlane’s dynamic case management ensures analysts are following strict security processes and procedures. It’s easier to meet regulations like GLBA and SOX.

Customize Reporting to Improve SecOps Metrics with Ease

Swimlane’s customizable reporting capabilities can alert CISOs and leaders of SecOps performance. Leverage insights to find areas of improvement across the enterprise.

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What makes Swimlane different is the ability to customize exactly what you need to get out of a SOAR platform. You’re not limited to prebuilt toolsets and your engineers can really create what they need to based upon your specific attack surface for your organization.

Jonathan Kennedy

With Swimlane, we didn’t have to try and fit our outcome into a preconceived box that had already been developed. Swimlane allowed us to build something that worked for us and how we operate.

Matt Helling
Head of Cyber Services

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