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Demonstrate the Business Value of SecOps

Security teams need a centralized management hub – a system of record. Don’t be fooled, the SIEM works for big data analytics but it’s not sufficient for actionable intelligence. What security leaders need is a solution that tells them where systems are weak, and how operationally efficient their security programs are.

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How Actionable Insights Works

Actionable Insights

  • Dynamic case management and collaboration hub
  • Highly composable dashboards
  • Real-time reporting for CISOs and stakeholders

Quantify Security Outcomes

Effortlessly measure KPIs like MTTD, MTTR, MITRE maturity and ROI in order to assess the efficacy of your SecOps processes.

Ensure Compliance

Enforce continuous compliance with visibility and automated incident reports for leaders and cross-functional stakeholders.

Drive Process Efficiencies

Reduce the time spent on manual investigations and ensure unique business processes are repeated.

Build Stronger Teams

Improve staff effectiveness and decrease human errors with streamlined case management. Know when analysts are burned-out or need training.

Dynamic Case Management

Analyze and enrich incident data in real-time so that analysts can spend time making decisions instead of gathering information manually. This helps analysts institutionalize unique business processes while ensuring that compliance standards are enforced.

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Automated Detection Analysis

Enrich case data to provide analysts with the contextual scope like the who, what, when and where details needed for intelligent incident response.

Collaboration Hub

Your central place to interact with individuals in the SOC. Use inline chat, evidence lockers for artifacts, and integrations to internal communications tools to bring humans-into-the-loop of automation.

One-Click Remediation

Trigger basic actions like disabling a user, isolating a host, or updating a block list without needing to be an expert in all SOC tools.

Highly Composable Dashboards

Swimlane Turbine’s dashboards are populated by self-documenting playbooks to provide security teams with visual models to easily see actionable insights like MTTR, MTTD, ROI or where they need to reallocate resources to avoid employee burnout.


Alert Volume Timeline

Visualize historical records, other tools or observables across multiple business units to gain an end-to-end view of your security posture.

Analyst Burnout Monitoring

Prevent analyst burnout with visual resources that make it easy to see when analyst workloads are unsustainable or unevenly distributed.

MTTR Tracker

Automatically track your MTTR across all tools and processes in order to gain insights to improve your SOC program.

Real-Time Reporting

Turbine offers a low-code visualization studio which makes it easy for anyone to build custom reports. These reports can be exported on a scheduled cadence to inform CISOs or other stakeholders.


Scheduled Stakeholder Reporting

Reports can be generated in real-time or on a scheduled basis. They help pinpoint problematic areas within an organization’s security posture so teams can easily analyze retrospectives and develop a counter strategy.

After Actions Report

A pre-built self-documenting template that collects post-incident activities from case management like incident summaries, remediation actions performed, and case timelines. It can be exported from Turbine and easily shared with internal and external stakeholders.

Turbine Case Management Demo

Watch this 3 minute demo video to see how the Turbine case management applications helps streamline incident response processes for SOC analysts.


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I would recommend Swimlane to my peers, to all security operations departments and even to the C-level. It gives you a very robust look into the environment and gives your analysts the abilities to work efficiently within a single platform.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer

We use Swimlane as a central repository for all of our data coming in. We use it to automate all of our other tool stacks, to bring our tech into almost a ‘single pane of glass’ situation. That really allows them to work in one area – no one product, no one software – that keeps it easier for training, learning, and overall quality of life.

Zach Tielking
Chief Cyber Forensicator

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