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  • Adaptable Low Code Playbooks

Enable Citizen Automators in and Beyond the SOC

Swimlane Turbine’s Adaptable Low-Code Playbooks make automation accessible to any skill level without sacrificing power or sophistication. Whether you write in English or Python, you can build effective automations in half the time with Turbine. 

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How Adaptable Low-Code Playbooks Work

Adaptable Low-code Playbooks

  • Bring humans-into-the-loop of automation
  • Simple automation building blocks
  • Comprehensive automation without Python

Increase ROI

A fortune 100 financial services customer saves $900k/year using Swimlane.

Build Playbooks 3x Faster

Digital Investigative Group builds playbooks 2-3x faster with Swimlane Turbine.

Streamline hard-to-repeat processes

Automation ensures that best practices and business processes are effectively repeated at scale.

Implement New Use Cases Faster

When domain experts become automators, automation can be applied to unconventional use cases like employee off-boarding, fraud and domain squatting.

Human-in-the-loop Automation

Most automated workflows require a human-made decision at some point. That’s why we built Turbine’s Low-Code Playbooks with adaptable features that enable individuals of all skill levels to participate in the automation process.


Codeless Conditions

Turbine playbooks codify business logic and best practices into actions or triggers so that it is seamless to apply this logic in a playbook.

Intelligent Playbook Editor

Skip the struggle of understanding architectural intricacies or ordering data. Turbine’s playbooks editor makes this simple by using assets as predefined configurations to standardize and accelerate the way data is authenticated or sent to other systems.

Transformation Builder

Convert data from an original to uniform state through low-code actions. It offers basic or advanced mode so that automators of any skill level can speed and simplify the playbook building experience while maintaining ultimate flexibility.

Playbook Building Blocks

Every organization has unique workflows – their own series of events, decisions and actions. Turbine Playbooks are built using simple building blocks so that any workflow can be automated without being limited by a  vendor-defined series of events.



Reusable, structured and integration-specific collections of data that contribute to the success of Turbine Actions.


A single task within a playbook. The action includes all details necessary for the execution of a task.


A rule in a playbook describing which events and under what conditions a playbook should execute


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The ease of use and visual user experience of Swimlane Turbine’s playbooks lowers the barrier of entry for analysts to be successful automators. With Turbine, we’ve seen that tier one analysts can build playbooks two to three times faster than they can with other solutions. Using Turbine will enable us to spend more time on our customers instead of building or managing solutions.

Zach Tielking
Chief Cyber Forensicator

With other companies’ products, the playbooks come pre-installed as defaults, but with Swimlane, I was able to customize the task-flow of the various playbooks myself flexibly.

Toshimichi Ohashi
Chief Specialist, Managed Security Department, Cyber Security Technology Center,
Corporate Research & Development Center of Toshiba Corporation

Our engineers are able to still use those plug-and-play types of automations that are already there and built for us. However, we can even expand on those and customize them to how our attack surface needs to be addressed.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer

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