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Mitigate Alert Fatigue by Force Multiplying

Automate security processes to reduce alert overload with Swimlane Turbine.

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Why Mitigate Alert Fatigue?

There are currently 2.7 million unfilled cyber jobs globally. Demand continues to grow as sophisticated cyber attacks target organizations across all industries. The infrastructure to train cyber professionals hasn’t caught up with demand and the data, so the alert gap worsens. Where you are not able to solve a persistent staffing shortage,  modern security automation steps in as a force multiplier for your security operations.

Adaptable Low-code Playbooks

  • Bring humans-into-the-loop of automation
  • Simple automation building blocks
  • Comprehensive automation without Python

Reduce Security Alert Volumes by 95%

Alert fatigue, growing threats and limited resources all lead to staff burnout. Eliminate constant alerts that put strain on analysts with automated SIEM and EDR alert triage.

Build Playbooks 50% Faster

Quickly create playbooks that take action and respond in real-time with Swimlane’s robust case management system. Avoid errors and save analysts time with built-in best practices and business logic.

Save Endless Hours of Analyst Work

Automate manual tasks to save nearly 3,700 hours of SecOps work. A fortune 100 Swimlane customer saves over $160,000 per month with modern security automation.

Retain Talent and Institutional Knowledge

Increase employee satisfaction by automating manual, repetitive tasks. Improve security processes with a low-code UX, robust case management and customizable dashboards and reporting to preserve internal processes.

Customer Stories

Analysts can spend 100% of their time actually responding to the incident as opposed to just gathering more information. And we have seen a dramatic decrease in our mean time to respond to incidents since we’ve had all these automations in place.

Jonathan Kennedy

The ease of use and visual UX of Swimlane Turbine’s playbooks lowers the barrier of entry for analysts to be successful automators. We’ve seen that Tier 1 Analysts can build playbooks 2-3x faster than they can with other solutions. Turbine will enable us to spend more time on our customers instead of building or managing solutions.

Zach Tielking
Chief Cyber Forensicator

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