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Keep Pace with Technology Change

The pace of change in cybersecurity is faster than ever. To keep up, organizations must connect the dots across complex environments and unique business processes. Swimlane Turbine’s Autonomous Integrations provide an ecosystem-agnostic orchestration solution without requiring developer resources..

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How Autonomous Integrations Work

Autonomous Integrations

  • Real-time integration with any REST API
  • Ecosystem-agnostic integration network
  • Integrations that apply business logic to playbook execution

Connect Siloed Environments

Overcome vendor-lock in and closed ecosystems with Turbine’s ability to integrate with any API.

Scale Automation Use Cases

Extend automation beyond conventional use cases in order to increase the ROI of your automation investment.

Save Developer Resources

Enable security professionals to build integrations and automations  without coding experience.

Overachieve SecOps Goals

Effective orchestration helps security teams speed their MTTD, MTTR and increase the ROI of security investments.

Real-time integration with Any Rest API

Swimlane Autonomous Integrations ensure that you won’t experience wait time to access new data or take new actions within integrations. They provide broader applicability of automation to IT and DevOps processes.


No-cost Connectors

Turbine Connectors are stable, portable and reliable connections to any API in a customer environment. They help customers apply business logic to playbook execution.

Swimlane Marketplace

Turbine Connectors are hosted in a curated marketplace which can be accessed within the platform itself.

HTTP Requests

Build more comprehensive and high performing playbooks with HTTP request actions. This native feature sends HTTP requests  to any endpoint, regardless if the connector exists.


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For my engineers, they really speak highly of Swimlane when I give them an abstract idea – or they bring me an abstract idea – and they run with it. They’re not restricted in their imagination of what they can accomplish in some way.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer

Swimlane is really going to be the backend brain of our technology stack for the future. Not only will it help with automation and orchestration, but the big draw for us was the flexibility and ease of integrations for a more product-agnostic approach. We’re able to integrate multiple different tool sets, whether they’re client-owned or ProCircular provided.

Brandon Potter
Chief Technology Officer

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