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Phishing Triage

Phishing is one of the world’s most common types of threats. Its high volume of alerts, false positive alerts, generally low-level of sophistication, and time-sensitive nature make it a great first automation use case for many organizations

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Security incidents



are caused by phishing attacks on an annual basis.

Dollars lost globally



is an estimate of the annual financial losses from phishing.

Manual triage time



Is how much time analysts waste when automation isn’t used for phishing.

Stop Threats in Real-time

False positives are far too common. They lead to human error and alert fatigue over time. With Swimlane, security teams can build entirely automated workflows to block phishing attempts and filter false positives automatically.

Save Analysts Time

Automatically investigate and quarantine phishing emails so analysts don’t have to. This shifts their time from administrative, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, to strategic work like running investigations and case management.

Improve Incident Response

Utilize automated incident response workflows and playbooks to consistently execute when phishing attempts occur. Swimlane Turbine improves phishing MTTR by rapidly sifting through the noise of false positives.

Customize Reporting on Response

Extensive, fully-customizable reporting allow analysts and security executives to illustrate efficiency gains and celebrate increased resilience.

Swimlane Transforms The DIGs Phishing Defense

Don’t take our word for it. Swimlane customer, The Digital Investigative Group (DIG) is a managed security service provider (MSSP) who transformed their phishing defense with Swimlane. Phishing was the number one attack vector for the DIG’s customers.

The Turbine Phishing Solution

Save hours of work by leveraging Swimlane’s pre-configured solution for phishing triage. This content is available as part of the Swimlane Turbine SOC automation solution, which also includes solutions for alert triage, threat intelligence, and case management. The phishing triage solution has many powerful capabilities 

Turbine Phishing Triage Capabilities

  • Provides connectors for all email detection platforms
  • Provides connectors and playbooks triaging phishing emails 
  • Automatically ingests emails with reporting phishing attachments 
  • Summarizes reported phishing email data 
  • Enriches observables and identifies data


Save Time

SOC analysts are drowning in alert fatigue. By automating use cases like phishing, with high frequency and alert volumes, analysts regain valuable time.

Improve MTTR

Security automation detects telemetry, changes the instant that threats occur, and triggers response at machine speed. As a result of automation, you can dramatically improve your MTTR.

Retain Talent

The security talent shortage is not going away. Alert fatigue from high-volume workflows, like phishing, is contributing to analyst burnout. Automate phishing workflows to retain and grow your SOC analyst.

The Phishing Solution Demo Video

Swimlane Turbine’s pre-built phishing triage solution combines low-code playbooks, threat intelligence insights and case management applications into a complete end to end solution. Watch this demo to see how it works.

The DIG Transforms Phishing Defense with Low-Code Security Automation

To get solutions to help us process those phishing emails faster was the number one thing we needed inside automation. We found Swimlane to be one of the few products that actually allowed us a more versatile and custom build into automation.

Zach Tielking
Chief Cyber Forensicator

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