Automation Use Cases for the Entire Security Team

See how low-code security automation can enable you to efficiently solve the toughest challenges. Overachieve SOC KPIs, and maximize company-wide ROI, by leveraging security automation for SecOps, Fraud, OT, Cloud, Compliance, Audit and more.

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Automate Anything with Swimlane Turbine

No two organizations have the same internal processes, data sources, team structure or resources. We built Turbine for the future of automation. From fundamental operational tasks to industry-specific applications, Turbine can automate anything so that you can achieve all of your business goals. The only barrier is your imagination.

Automate Critical SOC Processes

Low-code security platform’s most common use is to address tasks in the SOC. Turbine is a SOC force-multiplier. It integrates all security tools and automates manual task execution at machine speed.


Phishing continues to be a dangerously effective attack method. Stay ahead of phishing threats with security automation.

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Incident Response

Identify and address cyber threats before they cause more significant damage with security automation

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SIEM Triage

Keep up with SIEM alerts and accelerate incident responses through automated workflows.

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Threat Hunting

Proactively identify and hunt for new risks with cyber threat hunting to truly protect and defend your organization.

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EDR Alert Triage

Endpoint detection is an important part of a modern enterprise security posture. Boost your SOC with automated EDR alert triage.

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Extend Automation Beyond the SOC

 Low-code security automation has the ability to automate outside of conventional SOC processes. By supporting use cases for security-adjacent departments like governance, risk, compliance, fraud, and more, Swimlane Turbine serves as the system of record for the entire security organization.

Insider Threat

Automate essential processes for detecting malicious behavior and reducing insider threats.

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Secure Employee Offboarding

Ensure credentials and data are not compromise by quickly and completely offboarding employees through automation.

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Fraud Investigation & Response

Aovid business downtime by mitigating risk of fraud with security automation.

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Anti-Cheat Investigation

Prevent software and hardware exploitation by levering automation to actively monitor and identify abnormal activities.

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Physical Security

Prevent software and hardware exploitation by levering automation to actively monitor and identify abnormal activities.

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Automate Physical Safety & Security

See how Swimlane Turbine helps save crucial minutes when communicating with employees who may be near an area affected by a natural disaster, accident, geo-political unrest, or other forms of physical risk.

I would say that if you can dream it, you can do it with Swimlane. I’d encourage an organization to bring unique, greenfield ideas to the table from the start. That way, with Swimlane’s team, you can tailor the value of the project to your environment and culture.

Rob Perrin
Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Weedmaps

What we like about Swimlane is the fact that it also allows our internal IT department to automate certain processes like JMLs (joiners, movers, leavers). Additionally, we have other services within the business that are interested in how they can utilize the platform.

Matt Helling
Head of Cyber Services, Softcat

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