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Automate Incident Response

Incident response consists in identifying and addressing cyber threats before they cause more significant damage. This can include malware infections, compromised credentials or unauthorized access due to sophisticated ransomware attacks.

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Scaling manual processes and maintaining custom scripting can leave organizations vulnerable to attacks.

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Automating incident response playbooks allow security teams to triage alarms more effectively.

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Respond to critical events faster

Adaptable incident response playbooks enable security teams to streamline alert monitoring and significantly reduce response times.

Reduce risk exposure

With Swimlane Turbine, security teams are able to address every alert to decrease the risk exposure to the organization. Turbine can do in seconds what it takes an analyst to do in days.

Improve employee retention

Sifting through large volumes of false positive data can create analyst burnout. Swimlane Turbine can process telemetry in seconds, and enable analysts to spend more time investigating and less time performing mundane and repetitive admin functions.

It’s one of the tools that actually allows us to buy time. And when you talk about the velocity of attacks that occur today, time is the most valuable asset that you have.

Jonathan Kennedy
Chief Information Security Officer

It’s clear that security automation tools like Swimlane Turbine represent a great path forward to easing the burden on security teams so they can focus on high-level threats, while also demonstrating value in security investments.

Edward Amoroso
Founder and CEO

Swimlane Turbine for Incident Response

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