The Great Bali Seaside Cybersecurity Chat

Economic uncertainty, global conflicts, and growing career stress for security professionals are creating ripples in the future of cybersecurity. Given the likely long-term, transformational implications of these trends, understanding and anticipating how they will come to shape the path ahead has never been more important. So, which topics are most likely to drive the conversation around enterprise security for the rest of 2023?

During this 1-hour seaside roundtable discussion, Swimlane’s Co-Founder and renowned cybersecurity expert Dr. Carrine Teoh Choo Shi will explore and debate:

  • How roles in security – especially at the executive level – may change forever
  • Major risks to critical infrastructure and cyber-physical systems in light of global events
  • What separates top performing cybersecurity teams from everyone else
  • Steps you can take now to prepare yourself for the year ahead

Join this distinguished panel to learn more about the tidal shifts occurring in cybersecurity – and the trends likely to dominate the headlines over the next 12 months.

This event will take place on Wed., March 1st at 10am SGT (Tues., February 28th at 7pm MT)

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