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Forrester | Breakout Vendors: Security Automation and Orchestration

Learn how to overcome operational problems and inefficiencies.

2017 04 Forrester Report

The Case for Security Automation and Orchestration

Every organization is dealing with too many cyber threats, a growing number of tools needed to detect them, and a shortage of available talent to get the job done. Like most security professionals, you probably have to triage which alarms you investigate, focusing on a limited number and hoping the rest aren’t critical.

According to Forrester:

• 62% of enterprise security decision makers report not having enough security staff
• 65% state that finding employees with the right skills is a challenge

To overcome this challenge, Forrester recommends a security automation and orchestration (SAO) strategy to help overcome operational problems and inefficiencies. To learn more about the need for automation and available solutions, download their report “Breakout Vendors: Security Automation and Orchestration”.

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