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Enterprises achieve 240% return on investment with Swimlane Turbine.

Python script generation



Hero AI Text-to-Code ChatBot generates complex scripts in seconds.

Time to Value



It only takes 1 day to be up and running with Swimlane Turbine.

Maximize SecOps Effectiveness and Accountability

  • Go beyond ChatBots with Crafted AI Prompts and Case Summarization
  • Your one-stop scripting assistant generates complex Python in seconds
  • Swimlane’s private and proprietary LLM keeps your data is always private and secure

Unleash Your Inner Hero with AI-Enabled Automation

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), automation, and low-code technology all share a common goal of making things easier for humans. Automation takes action on behalf of humans, AI enables better decision-making and low-code transforms computer logic into human-centric user experiences. Swimlane Turbine brings this trifecta to reality with Hero AI.

This groundbreaking collection of AI-enabled innovations combines human and machine intelligence to optimize SecOps workflows and maximize return on investment. Start making AI-assisted decisions to elevate your entire security organization with Hero AI.

Proprietary and Private LLM

Your security data is too critical to be exposed to a public LLM. That’s why we’ve built our own proprietary and private LLM to be the foundation for all Turbine native Hero AI features that involve security data. 

Crafted AI Prompts

Take control of your AI experience in Turbine with Hero AI Crafted Prompts. Leverage data in alerts, cases, intelligence, or automation pipelines to prompt the LLM of your choice, including Swimlane’s own, to apply AI throughout any workflow.

AI Case Summarization

Understand even the most intricate cases, alerts, and intelligence faster and easier than ever before. Hero AI Case Summarization will help you categorize, prioritize, remediate, and mitigate issues intuitively and with ease. 

Schema Inference

Easily and instantly map dynamic data across any use case. Hero AI Schema Inference is an intelligent testing and curation tool that will provide complete control with minimal effort. It will empower you to build robust and efficient playbooks with ease.

Your Hero AI Guided Tour.

In this interactive product tour, see how you can easily leverage Hero AI within Turbine. For an enhanced viewing experience, click here to display the demo in full screen.

Get Results in Seconds with AI-Driven ChatBots

Time is money and every second is critical for security operations center (SOC) teams. Hero AI ChatBots leverage Open AI to facilitate time-saving functions. Watch this one-minute demo video to see how the Hero AI Text-to-Code ChatBot can help your organization build Python scripts in seconds.



Your one-stop scripting assistant for generating complex scripts. This Hero AI feature, powered by OpenAI, provides Python outputs and test actions directly within Turbine Canvas so you can build powerful playbooks with advanced logic in mere seconds.

HelpDocs Query

Get instant answers when and where you need them. This AI-powered ChatBot is trained on the Turbine Platform documentation and provides immediate support for questions like “How can I edit an action in Canvas?” without ever leaving Turbine.

The cybersecurity talent shortage, compounded by the fragmented nature of most security environments, has placed an unsustainable burden on security analysts. This is why automation solutions like Swimlane Turbine are so exciting. They offer a clear path to alleviate the pressure on security operations teams, allowing them to focus on combating increasingly complex and severe threats, and increase ROI by delivering value to the broader security organization.

Edward Amoroso
Founder and CEO of TAG Cyber

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