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The Cloud-Native AI Security Automation Platform

Experience the scale and speed of the Swimlane Turbine low-code automation platform. Turbine is cloud-first, deployment-agnostic, and built for high security and compliance standards. 

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Swimlane Turbine is purpose-built to be the world’s most scalable automation engine.

Automation than alternatives



Time is of the essence. Turbine automates 10x faster than any other SecOps platform. 

Time to Value



It only takes 1 day to be up and running with the cloud-native security automation platform.

Top Benefits of Cloud-Native Security Automation

Scale, speed, and flexibility are three of the top reasons why SOC teams prefer Swimlane Turbine, and Swimlane’s cloud-native architecture enables these outcomes. Turbine dynamically scales automation to adapt to infrastructure and workload changes. You may choose to deploy Turbine in the cloud, on-premises, or air-gapped, but cloud deployments have added benefits. 

Deploy in Days

New Turbine cloud accounts can be provisioned in seconds. The ease of implementation ensures the platform can be deployed in days with full implementation of top use cases in 2 weeks or less.

Save Time and Money

Choosing to deploy in the cloud means there is no underlying infrastructure to manage. This option saves time and is more cost-effective than hosting deployments on-premises.

Maximum Innovation & Security

Turbine’s cloud infrastructure is held to the highest security and compliance standards. Deploy Turbine in the cloud for tested and controlled auto-automatic upgrades to the latest innovations and releases.

Swimlane Cloud Infrastructure Security & Controls

We have implemented several controls within Turbine and its cloud infrastructure that are intended to prevent the disclosure of content or unauthorized access to content. Turbine has various security features that help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information. For in-depth resources about Swimlane’s security, privacy, and compliance, please visit the Trust Center. 

Encryption of Data at Rest and in Motion

We store all passwords and credential data in a secure database. Data in motion is protected using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Support for SAML/SSO

We support local user account provisioning through Open LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, and SAML 2.0.

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA can be enforced globally and is required before users can access Turbine in the cloud.

Role-Based Access Controls

RBAC can be applied at every level within workspaces, dashboards, reports, applications, records, individual records, and fields.

SOC 2 Type II Compliance

An independent audit has validated that all Swimlane cloud environments meet the highest standards for security and availability as indicated by SOC 2 Type II compliance.


Monitoring & Vulnerability Testing

All Swimlane platform infrastructure is continuously monitored. Internal and external teams regularly test the platform for vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training

All Swimlane employees are required to attend regular security awareness training, which includes information, policies, and procedures related to protecting customer data.

Annual Developer Training

All developers are required to complete annual OWASP and API Secure Coding Training on an annual basis.


Swimlane has always upheld rigorous security and data confidentiality standards, and achieving SOC 2 Type II compliance is further evidence of this commitment. With the ever-changing threat landscape and increase in cyberattacks on organizations, this independent audit provides our customers with third-party validation that Swimlane is an exceptional choice for businesses that require certified providers, especially following our announcement of Swimlane Turbine.

Michael Lyborg
Chief Information Security Officer at Swimlane

Controlled Access to Cloud Data

Swimlane restricts access to production systems to select employees on a need-to-know basis. Contractors and third parties do not have access to any customer production data. We regularly audit the list of employees with access. 


Full Data Center Compliance

Swimlane Turbine’s cloud infrastructure is currently hosted out of the US, UK, EU, Singapore, Tokyo, and Australia. All cloud data centers hosting Turbine have achieved compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2019, 27701:2019, 9001:2015, and CSA STAR CCM v3.0.1. They have also completed the following examinations:

  • SSAE 16
  • SOC 1 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II 

Open for Feedback

We welcome reports from security researchers and experts about possible security vulnerabilities in our product. To report a security vulnerability in Swimlane, please send details to [email protected]. We do not have a bug bounty program. Additional Swimlane security, privacy, and compliance resources can be found on the Trust Center.

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