Measuring ROI in SOAR

Swimlane helps drive success by delivering key insights and ROI metrics.

How a SOAR solution delivers key insights and ROI metrics

Managers and CISOs need granular information about the tools, processes and people in their environment to define short-term and long-term strategies clearly and realistically. However, measuring the ROI of security operations can be tricky and time consuming. A SOAR solution doesn’t merely orchestrate and automate security operations; it provides robust ROI tracking and reporting capabilities to provide detailed metrics on mean time to resolution (MTTR), individual and team incident response behavior, and technology value contribution.

In this ROI datasheet, you’ll learn about:

  • Why organizations need to enhance their ROI measuring capabilities
  • Ways to track mean time to resolution (MTTR), maximize staff efficiency and optimize your security tools
  • How to recognize the value of security automation and orchestration tools

Download the 4-page datasheet.