Joint Solution Briefs

Swimlane and Darktrace

Improving threat detection and response to empower teams to jumpstart remediation

Businesses face the threat of novel and advanced attacks moving at machine speed and hitting parts of their digital infrastructure that they are not prepared to secure. At the same time, cyber security teams are facing a staffing and skills shortage, and they must manage disparate security stacks that more often than not present too many alerts to triage appropriately – leaving the real threats unnoticed or improperly managed.

Together, Darktrace and Swimlane can improve threat detection and response, and empower security teams to jumpstart remediation. The Darktrace Cyber AI Platform gives you the enterprise-wide visibility and powerful detection ability of self-learning AI, while Swimlane lets you integrate the Platform with your existing technologies, automating and orchestrating the workflows that work best for your particular organization and use cases.