on-demand WEBINAR

Unit 221B: Realizing Value in a Flash with Swimlane Security Automation

Recognized for developing innovative cybersecurity services, Unit 221B is quickly becoming a leader in this space.  From blazing fast implementation times to their focus on long-term value and unparalleled customizations, Unit 221B’s clients are realizing incredible results thanks to this winning partnership.

Watch this on-demand webinar where Swimlane’s Field CTO, Bryon Page, and Unit 221b’s VP of Security, Andriy Noble explore:

  • Why Unit 221B chooses to turn the traditional managed services model on its head
  • Why Unit 221B selects Swimlane to help address its customers’ most challenging security problems
  • How Swimlane’s low-code SOAR helps MSSPs and MDRs maximize profitability and growth