Automating Event Triage in the Cloud (46:29)

Every day, organizations shift more resources to the cloud, leading to new and increased security risks. These risks leave analysts struggling to stop attacks before they turn into full-fledged breaches. Security operations centers (SOCs) must build their security infrastructure on top of automated and actionable intelligence to reduce their workload and the amount of time an attacker can remain active within the organization’s network. By automating mundane tasks and critical processes, SOCs can alleviate the burden of trying to keep up with the constantly evolving cloud space and gain the ability to respond to alerts and incidents at machine speeds. Organizations that optimize their automation solutions even have the opportunity to get ahead of potential threats.

In this on-demand webinar from SANS Network Security 2020, you will learn how a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform can integrate with your cloud provider to automate and orchestrate your SOC processes to better protect your critical resources and data.

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