Continually Decrease Cyber Risks with Vulnerability Management and Security Automation

Thursday, May 27th

12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT

Many organizations struggle to understand their overall threat landscape, particularly as it relates to vulnerability management and remediation. This makes it extremely challenging to accurately identify, rank and remediate vulnerabilities, especially in time-critical situations. This puts organizations at greater risk of attack and potential loss. A vulnerability management program is critical to overall security, and in today’s environments, that program must include orchestration, automation and response to be truly effective. Swimlane’s workflows integrated with your tools enable organizations to accomplish this goal.

Please join our Swimlane webinar to see how you can address the challenges of vulnerability management:

  • Integrating Tools – Learn how Swimlane easily incorporates all of your security information into a cohesive, actionable view

  • Managing Information – Understand how your vulnerability data can be integrated into an automated workflow creating more accurate and targeted incident response processes

  • Prioritization – See how the combination of tools and scoring systems like CVSS can be used to ensure a detailed understanding of vulnerabilities and their prioritization

  • KPIs – Learn how custom dashboards provide real-time displays of your vulnerability management landscape

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