Dark Reading: Get Your Security Tools Talking for More Effective Incident Response (57:30)

How your team responds to an incident has a tremendous impact on the outcome. But with the average organization using dozens upon dozens of security tools, each with its own alerts, interfaces, and logins, it can be tough to respond to incidents quickly. How do you manage a well-orchestrated, repeatable and effective incident response in the midst of tool chaos and a changing threat landscape? Watch this on-demand webinar with Jake Gillen, SOAR Engineer, and Julie Rockett, Senior Product Marketing Manager, as they show you what and how to automate within incident response while also making your security tool set more effective.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to determine if your organization is ready for automation
  • What security processes are the best and worst candidates to automate
  • Ways to take the ambiguity and inconsistency out of incident response and get control over your security alerts

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