Improving Incident Response with Low-Code Automation

As the volume of critical alerts organizations are tasked with investigating explodes, security professionals often find themselves scrambling to keep up. Unfortunately, manual processes don’t scale and finding the time and talent needed to develop and maintain custom scripting is virtually impossible. Faced with these challenges, the most innovative security operations teams use low-code security automation and orchestration to efficiently manage incident response. What can you learn from their experience?

During this 30-minute webinar you will learn:
– The challenges inherent in traditional incident response processes
– How you can integrate and automate alert triage with drag-and-drop visual tools
– Additional use cases beyond incident response for low-code security automation and SOAR
– How to drastically scale your security team without making a single additional hire

Watch this recorded webinar on the BrightTalk network to learn how you can improve your incident response and threat intelligence with cloud-scale low-code security automation.

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