SOARing with Low-Code Security Automation

Security teams everywhere are asked to do the impossible. Processing the deluge of tasks and alerts required to protect an organisation can easily overwhelm even the most highly-engaged security talent. That’s why so many top performing companies in every industry are turning to low-code security automation to overcome process fatigue, boost efficiency, and centralise operational data as a system of record.

During this 45-minute webinar you will learn:
– What sets low-code security automation apart from traditional SOAR
– How you can rapidly integrate any tool in your security stack out-of-the-box
– Where to use security automation in and beyond the SOC
– How to harness complex institutional knowledge using drag-and-drop visual tools
– Why low-code security automation offers maximum deployment flexibility

Join Swimlane for this session as we explore the power and potential you can unlock with cloud-scale low-code security automation.

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