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SecOps Hub is a community of security pros gathered to discuss SecOps strategies, incident response best practices and ways to simplify it all with security automation and orchestration. Although Swimlane is proud to host the community, and our in-house security experts contribute to many discussions, SecOps Hub is an open forum. Everyone is welcome to join and encouraged to contribute.

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How do you prep for POCs?

@Emmaf wrote: The TAM & PS team at Swimlane gave some insights into how they help prospects get the most value out of their POC from the start. Q: How do you recommend prospects kick off POCs?@SwedishMike First, provision the infrastructure. Then I recommend they identify what process(es) they ...

SOC analysts and engineers' metrics

@Emmaf wrote: SOC Analysts & engineers, How are you measured in your jobs? Which metrics do you and your teammates find valuable? What metrics do you report to your manager? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

Security alerts vs. availability alerts

@Emmaf wrote: What % of your alerts do you categorize as “true security” alerts (including TAP/SIEM/UEBA)? 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100% 0 voters Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

SOC Case Management

@wildtwins wrote: Hello all, I have my opinion on this but wanted to see what others think. Specifically speaking of a SOC case management system, who should have access to the raw case information? Obviously the SOC Aanalysts and the Manager should, but who else? Should Audit, the CISO ...

Impact of culture & morale on ROI

@Emmaf wrote: With the help of one of our newest Swimlane team members, Rebekah Wilke, we were able to tap into a new landscape emerging within cyber as a service. In her previous role, Rebekah was responsible for a large-scale managed security service leading a national team of analysts ...

SOC managers-which metrics do you report on?

@Emmaf wrote: SOC managers, How do you measure the effectiveness of your team? Which metrics most clearly show the value your team delivers? Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

SNMP Integration

@Salman wrote: Hi, Quick question here. I do not know if this is a right topic. I want to know if I could poll SNMP link bandwidth information from a router SNMP agent. The idea is to get the interface bandwidth link monitoring from my internet router and have ...

Automating alarms

@Emmaf wrote: What type of alarms do you think could be automated? Some organizations have a goal of automating all tier 1 alarms. Is that realistic?? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

What's shared on SecOps Hub?

  • SecOps strategies and tips
  • Automation playbooks and scripts
  • Open source tools and suggestions
  • Incident response best practices

Who’s part of SecOps Hub?

Community members come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, with a shared passion for learning about and discussing information security and industry best practices. Our users range from beginners to advanced developers, industry thought leaders, information security veterans, and recent certification program and college graduates.

Why join SecOps Hub?

  • Discuss anything related to security operations, incident response, security strategies, and best practices.

  • Share your expertise with industry peers.

  • Learn from industry experts.

  • Expand and solidify your knowledge and skills with various open-source tools.

  • Propel your professional growth and make new connections across the globe.

  • Influence the outcome of your work and solve problems on your own – with help from other security pros!