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SecOps Hub is a community of security pros gathered to discuss SecOps strategies, incident response best practices and ways to simplify it all with security automation and orchestration. Although Swimlane is proud to host the community, and our in-house security experts contribute to many discussions, SecOps Hub is an open forum. Everyone is welcome to join and encouraged to contribute.

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Federal use cases

@Emmaf wrote: @matt.rodriguez & @tom.goetz gave an awesome presentation in the Swimlane booth at Black Hat. They shared invaluable information about what they automate–from event triage to endpoint compliance–to support their customers in the federal space. Tom and Matt are a lean team and can do the work of ...

Good deal on many security books

@Java wrote: Lots of good reads here:Humble Bundle Humble Book Bundle: Cybersecurity 2.0 by Wiley Pay what you want for awesome ebooks and support charity! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

SOC Operations Poll

@jay wrote: Hello All! I’m gathering some data to create example materials (tutorials and demos) that are most helpful for the overall community. With your help, I plan to gather as much realistic data as I can on the characteristics of the SOC at various organizations. To do that ...

Beta program--sign up here!

@Emmaf wrote: Turbine is a scalable, high-performing automation & orchestration platform that easily connects your applications to the internet of things. We are gathering feedback to make this tool as useful as possible. You’d be a good fit for the beta program if you have some coding chops and ...

Fascinating infosec research reading

@doug.axtell wrote: I recently read the PHD dissertation of Andy Ozment, the CISO at Goldman Sachs. Mr Ozment uncovered problems with Vulnerability Discover Models and offered insights on how they might be improved. As an alternative, he proposed “an auction-based method to measure the difficulty of discovering a vulnerability ...

SecureSet Expert Series in Denver, CO on August 16

@Emmaf wrote: On August 16th at 6 pm, SecureSet is hosting an Expert Series in Denver. What topics would you like to learn about? What information could help you get your career started? Let us know and we will add your topics to the agenda! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

Cisco Live 2018 (Orlando, FL)

@jay wrote: I got the opportunity to attend Cisco Live last and wanted to provide a brief recap for everyone. Cisco Live 2018 (June 11 - 14, 2018) was a massive event with over 300 vendors and an estimated 30,000 attendees at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando ...

What's shared on SecOps Hub?

  • SecOps strategies and tips
  • Automation playbooks and scripts
  • Open source tools and suggestions
  • Incident response best practices

Who’s part of SecOps Hub?

Community members come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, with a shared passion for learning about and discussing information security and industry best practices. Our users range from beginners to advanced developers, industry thought leaders, information security veterans, and recent certification program and college graduates.

Why join SecOps Hub?

  • Discuss anything related to security operations, incident response, security strategies, and best practices.

  • Share your expertise with industry peers.

  • Learn from industry experts.

  • Expand and solidify your knowledge and skills with various open-source tools.

  • Propel your professional growth and make new connections across the globe.

  • Influence the outcome of your work and solve problems on your own – with help from other security pros!