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SecOps Hub is a community of security pros gathered to discuss SecOps strategies, incident response best practices and ways to simplify it all with security automation and orchestration. Although Swimlane is proud to host the community, and our in-house security experts contribute to many discussions, SecOps Hub is an open forum. Everyone is welcome to join and encouraged to contribute.

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Making data more useful with SOAR tools

@Emmaf wrote: There’s a good conversation going on right now on reddit. This reddit post regarding SOAR tools covers–from a user’s perspective–why and how SOAR helps security practitioners visualize and take action on data. Swimlane users mentioned these advantages: Development within Swimlane can meet any use case with custom ...

Atomic Red Team

@Shadeaux wrote: Has anyone used Swimlane in conjuction with the Red Canary ART framework? Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

Noob alert & questions :)

@Cassern wrote: Hi all, I’m a project manager for a SOC and we pretty interested into Cyber ranges. So far what we’ve seen as am out-of-the-box solutions are pretty expensive or do not fit our needs. We are also thinking of what it’s going to cost us money and ...

Hi I'm new to this forum and have some questions :)

@WillieFog420 wrote: Hi! I’m a soc analyst in a SOC team and we’re looking to implement Swimlane in our environment, I’m working on bulding the system to our needs, Can someone point me to some resource to the building and creating applications and applets with Swimlane? I’ve already went ...

False positive SIEM alerts

@Java wrote: I have a question regarding false positive SIEM alerts. How long, on average, does it take for an analyst to manually triage an alert? Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

Noob to the Forum!

@jimmer812 wrote: While doing some research regarding IR and other activities near and dear to our hearts, I discovered this Hub and I am excited to be a part of the community. I am currently a consultant focusing on SOC maturity and build out, Virtual CISO engagements and Cloud ...

Getting more involved on SecOps Hub!

@Emmaf wrote: Is there something SecOps or automation-related that you’re experienced in and passionate about that you, personally, would like to share with SecOps Hub via a blog post, interview or chat session? We’d love to help you make it happen. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

What do you look for in a SOAR solution?

@Emmaf wrote: If you’re looking to add an automation and orchestration tool to your toolbox, which capabilities are critical to your needs? If you already have deployed one, what was most important to you? Is it important to work case management into your workflows? What tools and integrations are ...

What's shared on SecOps Hub?

  • SecOps strategies and tips
  • Automation playbooks and scripts
  • Open source tools and suggestions
  • Incident response best practices

Who’s part of SecOps Hub?

Community members come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, with a shared passion for learning about and discussing information security and industry best practices. Our users range from beginners to advanced developers, industry thought leaders, information security veterans, and recent certification program and college graduates.

Why join SecOps Hub?

  • Discuss anything related to security operations, incident response, security strategies, and best practices.

  • Share your expertise with industry peers.

  • Learn from industry experts.

  • Expand and solidify your knowledge and skills with various open-source tools.

  • Propel your professional growth and make new connections across the globe.

  • Influence the outcome of your work and solve problems on your own – with help from other security pros!