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The end of fiscal year 2024 marks the deadline for when all U.S. federal agencies will be required to have implemented a security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) solution. This mandate comes out of a federal initiative to move towards a zero trust security architecture. While the majority of federal agencies are aggressively adopting zero trust principals, they are also aware of the challenges.


Zero Trust Adoption Challenges

Implementing a zero trust architecture requires intelligent security automation in order to connect the five pillars of zero trust which include enterprise identity management, device security, network segmentation, application workload security, and data security.

Accomplishing this within a specific timeline, in an environment that is inherently complex to begin with, is no small task. Security leaders moving towards zero trust implementations expect challenges related to:

  • Centralizing siloed security products

  • Integrating new and legacy systems in alignment with zero trust principles

  • Retaining and hiring qualified staff

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Low-Code Security Automation for Zero Trust

Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform leverages alert data, enriched contextual information, historical visibility and codified best practices to serve as a system of record for security - no matter what stage your agency is at, in the process of zero trust implementation or the regulatory requirements you need to comply with.

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Cloud and Enterprise Scale and Resiliencey

For many agencies, automation is the only viable option for managing the massive amounts of security telemetry and intelligence received every hour. We built Swimlane’s automation engine with these enterprise challenges in mind. Our security automation platform can scale to satisfy data processing and resiliency expectations, particularly for mission critical applications.

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U.S. Government Agency Improves SecOps with Swimlane

The volume and sophistication of threats targeting U.S. federal agencies is growing rapidly. A U.S. Government agency currently relies on Swimlane’s low-code security automation in order to counter active attacks and prevent future threats. They experienced a fast and low-maintenance deployment which enabled them to completely revamp their incident response process.

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“We used to spend hours manually digging into multiple systems and looking through approved software lists… now authorized software is usually a 15-20 minute incident. It’s all been automated”

Start your Zero Trust Journey with Security Automation

See how Swimlane’s low-code security automation platform and SOAR solution can help you get started with your adoption of zero trust cybersecurity principles.