Security Automation

Security automation can replace manual incident response processes, while still bringing humans-into-the-loop for strategic decision making. This balanced approach removes tedious and manual tasks so that analysts can focus on advanced threat defense.

alerts per day


Security analysts working at large enterprises triage upwards of 10,000 alerts per day, with zero room for error.

Unfilled Security Jobs



The global security workforce is expected to be 3.5 million workers short of globally available positions by 2025.

disconnected tools



without SOAR the SOCs can be overwhelmed by the proliferation of alerts

Why Low-Code Security Automation

Automation is a must-have for modern SOC teams to keep up with the growing threat landscape. But a lot has changed since the inception of SOAR over a decade ago. Low-code security automation offers a solution that hits the sweet spot of being powerful enough to automate anything but flexible enough for anyone to use.


Extend Visibility & Actionability

Reduce dwell time and speed mean-time-to-resolution by ingesting larger and broader data sets.

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Integrate with Anything

Connect siloed technologies by integrating any API. This includes types of technologies that typically aren’t integrated from a SecOps perspective, like OT infrastructure, edge computing and cloud applications.

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Make Automation Approachable

Empower citizen automators to build effective playbooks 2-3x faster than they could with legacy-SOAR alternatives.

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End-to-end Solutions for Any SecOps Process

Security Automation platforms provide solutions that make it easy to rapidly execute security best practices. Swimlane Turbine adapts to your organization’s unique security requirements and operational processes to automate tasks that typically require jumping between third-party systems.


Establish Repeatable Incident Response Workflows

Automation can be applied to do much more than simply executing actions in response to alerts. Turbine’s data curation capabilities codify expert logic that incident response workflows can be automated with intelligence and flexibility.

Proactive Security Monitoring and Detection

The SIEM is useful for big data analytics, but it is not an effective hub for incident response processes. Turbine ingests detection signals from disparate sources to accelerate and simplify security monitoring. This helps SOC teams automate any processes from threat hunting, to policy enforcement, even security readiness testing.

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