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Phishing Investigation & Response
Automatically investigate and respond to phishing attempts

Unlock the power of automation in the SOC

The Challenge

Millions of phishing emails are sent every day, and the problem keeps growing. It’s one of the most time-consuming tasks your security team must do. One phishing emails takes an average of 27 minutes to manually triage.

False positives are also far too common, and lead to human error and alert fatigue over time. Security teams need more time in their day to focus on high-level alerts instead of repetitive, mundane tasks.

The Solution

Swimlane will harness institutional knowledge across your company to enable your security teams to speed up the detection and response to phishing attempts.

  • Set up full phishing triage automation in less than 1 day

  • Automatically investigate and quarantine phishing emails so analysts don’t have to

  • Gain visibility of phishing emails directly from the dashboard

  • Build entirely automated workflows to block more phishing attempts and false positives

  • Collaborate on phishing cases with real-time data

Swimlane and Phishing Triage



Reduce Risk & Human Error

Mitigate phishing impact by reducing your mean time to resolution (MTTR) with machine-speed automation.

Optimize Security Investments

Shift analysts’ time from administrative, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, to strategic work like running investigations and case management.

Improve Incident Response

Utilize automated incident response workflows and playbooks to consistently execute when phishing attempts occur.

Ready to see the product?

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