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How to Automate Physical Security

The potential outcomes of physical threats can be devastating for both individuals and businesses. However, many organizations are less prepared to detect and respond to physical threats than to cybersecurity attacks..

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of companies experienced a physical security breach.



Robbery, the use of counterfeit money, and natural disasters are all forms of physical vulnerabilities.

average cost of an exploited physical asset



With security automation, SecOps teams can quickly act when alerted to physical vulnerability.

risk monitoring



Gain critical visibility throughout Swimlane Turbine’s reporting, investigation, and response.

Protect Physical Assets

Respond to physical risks in near real-time through either a fully-automated response, or via a single-click triage action when human-in-the-loop interaction is required, compressing the mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR).

Ensure Asset Compliance and Defense

A complete and autonomous process can be deployed utilizing Swimlane to reduce attack surface for would-be attackers and support compliance reporting.

Enable Smooth Physico-Cyber Convergence

Swimlane platform serves as a centralized management hub system of record to provide increased visibility across physical and cyber assets.

With our existing talent pool, we turned to Swimlane’s low-code security automation offering to create a centralized system of record for our Security Operations Center (SOC) and remove dependencies on a host of manual processes.

Brandon Potter
Chief Technology Office – ProCircular

As cyberattacks on critical infrastructure continue to rise, and the cybersecurity skills shortage pervails, it’s crucial to (…) provide critical infrastructure organizations with automation solutions that will improve their speed of response and standardize incident response processes, giving organizations the defense they need to protect against threats targeting their industries.

Joshua Magady
Practice Technical Lead, 1898 & Co.

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